In Mark 5:25-34, we read about a woman who had suffered a problem with blood flow for over twelve years. In desperation, she spent all of her money trying to solve the problem, but none of the doctors were able to help her, and the problem got worse and worse. Her story teaches us that her biggest asset was her faith; a faith that led her to be a living testimony of Jesus’ Power; a faith that drew her out from among the outcasts of society even if that meant breaking the Law of that time.

In Leviticus 15:25-30, it says God’s Law stated that if a woman had an issue of blood, she was deemed unclean and had to be separated from society. Anything that she touched or sat on became unclean. This was the Law of God. Before Jesus came along, people lived under this Law. The woman knew about this Law, and she knew she could have been arrested for even being there, but there was something so strong inside of her that it gave her the determination to fight a crowd of people to touch Jesus’ garment. Verse 28 states that this woman knew (in her heart) that, if she touched Jesus’ garment, she would be healed of this plague.

She fought her way through the throng to Jesus, and she touched His garment. The Bible says that she was immediately healed. However, when she touched Him, Jesus felt that virtue had gone out of Him. This caused Jesus to turn around and ask who had touched Him. No one knew who had touched Jesus, and the Disciples said to Him, “You see the multitude thronging You and You say, ‘Who touched Me?’” But Jesus kept looking because He did not want to forget the matter. He wanted to get to the bottom of it for a good reason, and that reason was a lesson for all of us.

Reaching out for Jesus

Woman Reaches Jesus’ Garment

The woman came forth, fell down before Him in front of the multitude of people, and told Him the truth. By confessing her deed and sharing the healing miracle she had experienced, she became a living testimony of the Power of Jesus. In Verse 34, Jesus said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace and be free from your suffering.” Now that’s some kind of faith! Words cannot even express how big her faith was.

Jesus would usher in a new era of Grace. The Law had isolated this woman and deemed her unclean. Grace restored her even though she had done nothing to deserve or earn that miracle. The act of touching Jesus’ garment had nothing to do with her being healed. It was her exercising her faith that healed her (Mark 5:34). It was Jesus’ Love and Mercy that restored her.

Jesus wanted this woman with the blood issue to share what He had done for her. His purpose was for others to be blessed with this wonderful news so they also could believe He was the Son of the Almighty God. In other words, Jesus wanted her to share her testimony.

In the same way, Jesus has done great things in our personal lives, too. He has done things that only He can be credited with. What miracle has God done in your life? Could you share your personal testimony for Jesus?

I truly believe Jesus wants us to share with others the miracles that have happened to us. These testimonies are a great tool to win someone to Christ. We are able to say, “I know Jesus is real because this is what He did in my life.” Sometimes a family member or friend may have a hard time accepting something out of the Bible. But our personal testimony can turn their perspective around. It is our sharing that makes us a living testimony of Jesus’ Grace and His Power over our lives.

Grace is what we live under now. We can freely come to Jesus and reach out for Him in our times of need. Just remember, testifying to what God has done in your life is a wonderful tool to bless others. It could be the deciding factor in someone else coming to Christ!


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