What does “pet-friendly” mean to us??

Pet-friendly means that we welcome pets with open arms.

(Some restrictions may apply.  See below.)

We do things differently here at First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood (FSBC of Hollywood).  Because we understand that pets are family, too, we make it as easy as possible for you to bring your family member to the Church.  Please review our pet-friendly policy before visiting.

Our Pet-Friendly Policy:

  • I am responsible for my pet at all times.
  • I must keep my pet restrained on a leash, or in a pet carrier, when on Church property.
  • I agree that I am responsible for the noise my pet creates, and will ensure that my pet does not disrupt the enjoyment of others.
  • I must properly remove and dispose of any litter or waste associated with my pet.
  • I confirm that my pet has all required and up-to-date vaccinations, and does not have any communicable illnesses or diseases.
  • I agree that, at all times while on the Church property, I will ensure that I comply with all relevant California laws and regulations relating to the muzzling of my pet, if applicable.
  • I understand and agree that FSBC of Hollywood retains the right to exclude my pet if, in the Church’s sole discretion, my pet is considered dangerous because of size or disposition, or is likely to frighten or harm the Church guests.
  • I understand that FSBC of Hollywood is required to abide by the local City and County breed restrictions.
  • I also understand the Church cannot allow breeds known to demonstrate vicious behavior on the Church property for the safety of Church guests.
  • I agree that I assume full responsibility for any injury or damage caused, or alleged to be caused, by my pet, and incurred, or alleged to be incurred, by my pet.
  • I release FSBC of Hollywood from all liability for any injury and/or damage suffered by my pet.
  • I understand that, if FSBC of Hollywood determines there are any failures on my part to comply with any part of the above agreement, I may be asked to leave the premises.

For questions, or more information on our pet-friendly policy, please call the Church office at 323-466-0631, or e-mail us at


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