Meet Argelia Tibbs

Meet Argelia Tibbs

Church Director



Name: Argelia Tibbs
Origin: El Salvador
Occupation: Early Childhood Educator/ Mentor, Teacher/ Professional Growth Advisor
How you came to know Christ
I became interested in reading the word of God because my Dad had a Bible which he faithfully read on a daily basis. Later on, one of my classmates began to share the word of God with me around the time I left El Salvador. When I arrived in the USA, both my brother and sister-in-law attended church at the Iglesia Bautista Hispana. My sister-in-law introduced me to one of her church sisters, who later shared the plan of salvation, and I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior.
How you discovered FSBC of Hollywood
As the Sunday School Director at the Iglesia Bautista Hispana, I regularly contacted Pastor Tibbs about church-related issues. Also, he was praying for a wife and I was praying for a husband. One day God put us together. We got married, and I became a member of First Southern Baptist Church of Hollywood.
Ministry Involvement
Sunday School Director, Community Outreach, Food Ministry, Donations Ministry, Hospitality Committee, Cleaning Committee, Youth Chaperone, Vacation Bible School Coordinator, Missions, Hospital Visitation, etc.
Ministry Vision
Church growth: for the Lord to send humble people with a desire of serving; a 24/7 prayer chain; perhaps open the doors of the church at least once a week, early in the morning, for prayer; Bible study in members’ homes; home visitation to reach out to families in need; create Sunday school classes by ages or grades; expand existing ministries; start a hot-meals-for-the-homeless ministry; a bus tokens ministry (to provide tokens for people to take the bus to go to work or to get the food); expand the kitchen; a fitness program for women; have a passenger van to transport people to church; have carnival equipment to have community events often (e.g. popcorn maker, ice cream maker, snow cone maker, cotton candy maker, hotdog cooker, etc., and maybe a jumper); go to parks with all this equipment and share the word of God with all nations; have community events in the church parking lot; an after-school program; a youth band; and to be available for whatever God wants us to do.

Fun Facts About Argelia Tibbs

Favorite Pastime
Shopping is a gals best friend. No, it's Jesus.
Favorite Drink
I love tea!
Favorite Activity
I enjoy walking/hiking.
Favorite Pastime
I like reading.
Favorite Collectible
Collect jewelry
Favorite Activity
I love exercising.
What you might not know about Argelia
I am always active and on-the-go. I cherish a good night's rest.



“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9