Name: Mary Gabriela Flores
Origin: Born in Quito, Ecuador. Moved to Los Angeles, CA, at the age of 12.
Occupation: Preschool Teacher
How you came to know Christ
My mother first came to know Christ after she survived Cancer. At the age of five, I remember praising the Lord’s Name with her at a local event in my hometown. After my mother and I came to the U.S., I continued to have faith in Jesus Christ. One day at the age of 14, as I walked back home from school with a classmate, a young man, who was dressed like he belonged to a gang, approached us and asked us a question that brought me to know Jesus personally. He asked if we had accepted Jesus as our Savior. I answered “no” and he then asked “would you like to?” At first, without knowing what to say, I thought about it for a few minutes. At last, my answer was “yes.” I walked home that day with Jesus in my life.
How you discovered FSBC of Hollywood
I had been asking the Lord to put me in a church in which I could serve. One morning, during my usual jog, I picked a route towards Hollywood. As I ran, I saw the sign of the church, but what really caught my attention was “service at 11:00am.” I continued my run that morning and thought to myself, I should come to the service. A couple of weeks later, I was driving by and read the sign again. This time I told my son we are going to church tomorrow. That time I did come to the service at 11:00am, accompanied by my son. From the moment I stepped into the church, I felt at home.
Ministry Vision
“Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near of which you will say, ‘I have no pleasure in them.’” Ecclesiastes 12:1.
My vision for my ministries is to every day share the love of God but, most importantly, to encourage women and children to continue to grow in His love every day, without ceasing, until the day He calls us, because it is important that we feel joy every day we are in the Lord.
Ministry Involvement
I started in each ministry slowly. I am part of the choir. I’ve always enjoyed worshipping the Lord. I feel a great connection with God whenever I am singing. After teaching during Vacation Bible School 2014, I began to teach the children along with the team of Sunday School teachers. Teaching the children about God is a little different. However, seeing the children pray, believe, and talk about faith strengthens my faith. Knowing that future generations will continue to learn that there is one God, “The Almighty,” is a rewarding thought. Recently, along with another teacher, I also began teaching the Women’s Sunday School in the mornings before the service. I was a little hesitant to accept this ministry but I asked the Lord to make me of service. The moment I ask for something from Him, He gives it to me, so the only response I had was “Guide me, Lord.” Lastly, I am also part of the Prayer Ministry. The Prayer Ministry gives us the opportunity to be Prayer Warriors and continually pray for the needs of the members of our church, or anyone who leaves a prayer in our Prayer Box.

Fun Facts About Gabriela

Why I Love Traveling
I love to see new places.
Favorite Pastime
I like to run.
Favorite Activity
I love running bright and early in the mornings. I take pleasure in signing up for marathons!
Favorite Thing To Do
I love to teach.
What I like about food
I like to try new foods.
How I relax
I enjoy listening to music.
Favorite Place to Go With Friends
I like to watch plays.


“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me.”
Psalm 23:4